Fitness without Obsession

12-Week Strength + Mindset Program

Does this sound familiar?

👉 You constantly compare your body to other women (even though you know it's pointless)

👉 Thoughts about your body, nutrition, fitness occupy 80+% of your energy

👉 You're at a low to healthy bodyweight, but terrified of gaining

👉 You recently regained a healthy cycle (recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea) and don't know how to reintroduce exercise without doing too much or falling back into old habits

👉 You're frustrated that at this age you can't get over your body hangups

I get it. I was there, too!

I bought into the hype that being lean was the ultimate goal, and it cost me my period. 

Even at my leanest, I compared myself to other women, and confidence I felt could quickly be dashed with a quick scroll through Instagram. 

I finally had to confront these feelings, when gaining weight was necessary to have a healthy pregnancy and get my period back.

I got so much more than my period back, though. I gained confidence in body regardless of how I felt it looked.⁠

More than that, my relationship with exercise changed completely. While I still workout most days of the week, it no longer feels like a commitment. This means a spur of the moment long weekend trip, or an invite to dinner aren't wrapped in guilt.

This 12-week program covers essential mindset exercises to create major shifts, along with weekly strength training workouts.
With 1:1 coaching, you will receive three(3) 45-minute coaching calls with me to work through each month on a highly individual level!

Course Curriculum

What's included?

45 Videos
1 Quiz
39 PDFs
Samantha Kellgren
Samantha Kellgren
Health + Mindset Coach

About the instructor

Samantha is a health + mindset coach, helping boss women love their workouts and themselves while living vibrantly with flexibility and freedom!

After being diagnosed with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, finding out it’s possible to be too fit to get pregnant, and undergoing IVF to have their son, Samantha made drastic changes to her unhealthy relationship with exercise and healthy eating. 

She now helps other women through the major mindset shifts it takes to stop overexercising and undereating so they live vibrantly while crushing their goals in and out of the gym!

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