Period Recovery

Mindset Toolbox

A missing or wonky cycle is a red flag that all the healthy eating and exercising you’re doing has not actually been healthy.

You’re skeptical if cutting back on exercise and eating more could really be the missing piece to a healthy cycle. And, if it is, you’re terrified of gaining weight and losing fitness.

OMG I get it! 

I was, too.

When I was told to cut back on running and gain weight, I legitimately did not know what to do with myself. I felt gross eating when I wasn’t hungry, and didn’t want to see the scale move up even though I knew it was exactly what I needed.

The Period Recovery Mindset Toolbox delivers all the juicy questions and exercises I take my 1:1 clients through to regain their period without going crazy!

What's included?

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Are you ready to break your food rules without feeling anxiety about gaining weight, take an unplanned rest day without the guilt? Ready to get your cycle back without second guessing everything you do?! I am so excited to help you!

I'm ready!
Samantha Kellgren
Samantha Kellgren
Health + Mindset Coach

About Samantha

Samantha is a health + mindset coach, helping boss women love their workouts and themselves while living vibrantly with flexibility and freedom!

After being diagnosed with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, finding out it’s possible to be too fit to get pregnant, and undergoing IVF to have their son, Samantha made drastic changes to her unhealthy relationship with exercise and healthy eating. 

She now helps other women through the major mindset shifts it takes to stop overexercising and undereating so they live vibrantly while crushing their goals in and out of the gym!